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Chef's Signature Grill

$125 Per Person

18 Reviews


Chef's Signature Grill


Family Style Platters to Share



(Please select two options below) 

Bang bang shrimp

Duck and shiitake mushroom pot stickers

Sweet and sour meatballs

 Mushroom stuffed zucchini

Tofu with Szechuan vegetables

Seafood steamed dumplings

Sesame seared scallops

Smoked fish spread served with crackers

Lobster fritters

Crab and artichoke fritters

Caprese skewers

Chicken satay 



(Please select one option below) 

Garlic roasted red and yellow beets served with mixed greens, topped with shaved parm and balsamic glaze

Poached scallops with asparagus, citrus pearls, and mixed greens with lime vinaigrette

Grilled vegetables served with hummus, feta cheese, and pita bread

Caprese salad, fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil with balsamic glaze


Main Course 

(Please select two options below) 

Filet mignon

Atlantic salmon

Ribeye Tomahawk

Jumbo shrimp

Chicken breast 

Pork tenderloin



(Please select two options below) 

 Cilantro aioli

Creamy peppercorn

Blackberry demi-glace

Rosemary demi-glace


Sweet chili

Homemade BBQ

Garlic teriyaki



(Please select two options below) 

 Garlic mashed potatoes

Rosemary roasted potatoes

Baked sweet potato

Saute asparagus with garlic

Sauteed broccolini

Creamed spinach

Grilled portobello mushrooms

Mediterranean grilled veggies

(zucchini, squash, red bell peppers, asparagus, and mushrooms)



(please select one option below / also available in tartlets) 

Strawberry -N- Cream Cheesecake

Banana / Kahlua Cheesecake

Amaretto & Caramel Cheesecake

Peach Crème Brulee Cheesecake

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

Chunky Monky Crème Brulee Cheesecake



Chef will use the customers' BBQ to cook this menu. 

Please make sure it is ready to use. 


Additional protein/main: $25 per person 


  • This Chefpost Experience includes the ingredients, the chef’s services, cooking, serving, and kitchen clean up.

  • We highly recommend booking a server for all events with more than 8 guests.

  • The experience does not include serveware, flatware, dinnerware, or glassware.

Additional enhancements (subject to availability)

  • Professional Server/Bartender $38/hr (min. 5 hours).
  • Tablesetting or dinnerware: $10 - $25 per person (depending on the selection)

Chef Cuinn

Top Chefpost Chef in 2023 ⭐️ His service is exceptional, and he always goes the extra mile for his customers. He loves nothing more than exploring new flavors and experimenting in the kitchen. Fantastic Personal Chef for both meal prep services and dinner parties.

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J. Blondie

Dec 29, 2023

Everything was perfect with Chef Cuinn once again!.

Katie L.

Dec 21, 2023

Chef Cuinn made the most delicious food for our party! He made everything so easy and stress-free. Highly recommend!.


Nov 07, 2023

Our chef Cuinn was awesome. He was professional, kind, very prepared and experienced. I hosted a 21 adults and 7 kids Italian experience. Everyone loved the food and it was an amazing night. Thank you!.

Priscila B.

Nov 07, 2023

Al always, such an amazing food and service. And Chef Cuinn is so talented! Everything was perfect ??.

Denise H.

Nov 07, 2023

We had a big family gathering and hired chef Cuinn who was AMAZING from the minute he arrived until the moment he left. We will hire him again for sure!! Chefpost is a great company!.

Laura K.

Nov 07, 2023

Our private dinner with Chef Cuinn was amazing! He was super friendly and a delight to have in our home. He was professional and clean while making himself comfortable in our kitchen. The food was delicious and the whole experience was better than we co.


Jun 19, 2023

This dinner was fabulous! We enjoyed the experience so much and loved Chef Cuinn! We will definitely be booking him again! ?.


Mar 08, 2023



Mar 08, 2023

Chef Cuinn was top notch in every way! He was very engaging, the food was amazing and the service was impeccable! If you’re debating on a personal chef, don’t! You will enjoy every morsel and moment! Thank you Chef Cuinn for a unique experience we Mar.


Mar 07, 2023

Chef Cuinn is a pleasure to work with and the meals are very good.


Feb 22, 2023

Chef Cuinn did a phenomenal job serving our valentines backyard picnic. The food was great, his service was great, and he was great. We will be requesting his services in the future..

Barbara J

Feb 21, 2023

Chef Cuinn was wonderful .. his Branzino, Clams with pasta, and homemade amaretto cheesecake were all so good ..just to name a few. Great personality, and he left the kitchen in perfect order..

Ximena P

Jan 27, 2023

Absolutely perfect! We had a dinner party and thanks to ChefPost it was a huge success! The Chef was very nice, did EVERYTHING literally and food was delicious!.

Romanise M

Jan 11, 2023

This was an absolutely amazing experience! Chef Cuinn was a pleasure to have in our home and made a fantastic meal. The meal was a gift to my parents for their 60th birthdays and they were elated to have this wonderful meal. We all enjoyed the food sooooo.


Jan 06, 2023

Chef Cuinn was beyond lovely. So clean, so organized, so timely and took such excellent care of us and our guests. His Chicken satay was SOO yummy! Would love to have him at more parties!.


Dec 20, 2022


Lisa C.

Oct 20, 2022

Chef Cuinn prepared Mexican dishes for our party yesterday. Everyone was raving about the food. He came at 11 a.m. for a 4 o’clock party, and he stayed till 8 p.m., along with another chef. Nothing was rushed. The tables were beautifully decorated with ex.


Aug 22, 2022


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Server or Bartender

A professional server makes your party or gathering better. Always recommended for parties of more than eight people. Price for 5 hours of service.

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Please let us know if you have any specific food preferences (include allergies, intolerances, food you don't eat or food you love)

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Chef's arrival time

No Suggested dates available

Please let us know if you have any specific food preferences (include allergies, intolerances, food you don't eat or food you love)


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