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Seafood Festival

$125 Per Person

11 Reviews


Seafood Festival



(please choose one option below)

Cold seafood platter

(shrimp cocktail, lobster salad, and chilled oysters served with a spicy cocktail sauce)

Pan-seared scallops

(large sea scallops served with hollandaise sauce)

Jumbo shrimp

(Pan-fried panko breaded shrimp served with sweet chili sauce)

Salmon cakes

(fresh salmon cakes served with a garlic cilantro sauce)

Garlic mussels

(white wine and garlic black mussels topped with diced tomatoes and chives and served with garlic bread)

Fried calamari

(fried calamari tossed served with lime and marinara sauce)



(please choose one option below)

Fresh coleslaw topped with cilantro

Classic Caesar salad

(romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons)

House salad

(mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomato, red onion)

Wedge salad

(romaine leaf, cherry wood bacon, blue cheese crumble)



(please choose one option below)

Seafood Alfredo

(shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, and scallions in a creamy garlic Alfredo sauce served with fresh linguine)

Crazy lobster

(Florida lobster tails pan-seared and tossed in Jamaican jerk butter

served with roasted potatoes and asparagus)

Scallop piccata

(large sea scallops pan-seared and served in a wine and caper lemon butter sauce,

served with hash browns and sauteed broccolini)

Seafood Fra Diavolo

(shrimp, mussels, clams, and scallops with a spicy marinara sauce, served with garlic bread)

Lobster mac

(baked sweet and savory lobster meat and macaroni noodles in cheese sauce,

topped with bread crumbs and served with sauteed mixed vegetables)

Old Bay shrimp 

(peel and eat shrimp tossed in butter, and garlic, served with hush puppies and Nathan's french fries)

Seafood risotto

(shallots, garlic, lobster, shrimp, and crawfish in creamy risotto,

topped with garden peas and parmesan cheese)



(please choose one option below)

Key lime pie

Creme brulee with fresh berries

Baked apple with ice cream

Assorted chocolate truffles


  • This Chefpost Experience includes the ingredients, the chef’s services, cooking, serving, and kitchen clean up.

  • We highly recommend booking a server for all events with more than 8 guests.

  • The experience does not include serveware, flatware, dinnerware, or glassware.

Additional enhancements (subject to availability)

  • Professional Server/Bartender $38/hr (min. 5 hours).
  • Tablesetting or dinnerware: $10 - $25 per person (depending on the selection)

Chef Cuinn

Passionate about food and cooking. He loves nothing more than exploring new flavors and experimenting in the kitchen.

cuisines:Seafood, Italian, Latin, American, Asian, Brunch, Date Night Ideas, Father's Day Specials, Fusion cuisine, Mexican, Kosher, BBQ Experience

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2023-03-08 21:21:34


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2023-03-08 18:34:08

Chef Cuinn was top notch in every way! He was very engaging, the food was amazing and the service was impeccable! If you’re debating on a personal chef, don’t! You will enjoy every morsel and moment! Thank you Chef Cuinn for a unique experience we Mar.

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2023-03-07 14:56:44

Chef Cuinn is a pleasure to work with and the meals are very good.

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2023-02-22 21:04:39

Chef Cuinn did a phenomenal job serving our valentines backyard picnic. The food was great, his service was great, and he was great. We will be requesting his services in the future..

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Barbara J

2023-02-21 11:01:18

Chef Cuinn was wonderful .. his Branzino, Clams with pasta, and homemade amaretto cheesecake were all so good ..just to name a few. Great personality, and he left the kitchen in perfect order..

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Ximena P

2023-01-27 13:42:35

Absolutely perfect! We had a dinner party and thanks to ChefPost it was a huge success! The Chef was very nice, did EVERYTHING literally and food was delicious!.

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Romanise M

2023-01-11 11:38:03

This was an absolutely amazing experience! Chef Cuinn was a pleasure to have in our home and made a fantastic meal. The meal was a gift to my parents for their 60th birthdays and they were elated to have this wonderful meal. We all enjoyed the food sooooo.

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2023-01-06 11:20:57

Chef Cuinn was beyond lovely. So clean, so organized, so timely and took such excellent care of us and our guests. His Chicken satay was SOO yummy! Would love to have him at more parties!.

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2022-12-20 15:11:19


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Lisa C.

2022-10-20 22:51:03

Chef Cuinn prepared Mexican dishes for our party yesterday. Everyone was raving about the food. He came at 11 a.m. for a 4 o’clock party, and he stayed till 8 p.m., along with another chef. Nothing was rushed. The tables were beautifully decorated with ex.

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2022-08-22 23:19:59


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